Welcome to the site of: Leonard van Veldhoven & Miriam Janssen

We feel more European than Dutch, French or Greek. We live and work in several countries of this beautiful continent with its many faces.
The summer months are spent in the book-village Montolieu, near Carcassonne in southern France. There we work and exhibit in our workshop:

l’Art et l’Heure

Leonard wrote a total of ten books. The Dutch version of his latest book « MAYET MORBIER COMTOISE » is published in July 2013, the English version in May 2014, the German version in August 2014 and the French version in April 2015.

The book « MAYET MORBIER COMTOISE » stems from his passion for the Morbier-clock, a legendary timepiece, from the Haut-Jura (near Geneva).
In studio l'Art & l'Heure Morbier-clocks are restored and exhibited.

Miriam works with clay and papier-mâché. Atelier l'Art & l'Heure is the place where some of her sculptures and figures emerged, and where her work is exhibited.

leonard van veldhoven
leonard van veldhoven
leonard van veldhoven
miriam janssen